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Haim Bio, a biotech R&D firm, awarded a recognition by Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare for Can

Haim Bio, a biotechnology firm specializing in next-generation anti-cancer drug development, has received Special Award of Recognition by National Health and Welfare



Committee of South Korea and won first place in the annual Global Power Brand Award (GPBA).

Starvanip® is Hami Bio’s latest candidate for metabolism-based anti-cancer drugs and is currently under development in partnership with the National Cancer Center and Yonsei University Medical Center. Contrary to traditional anti-cancer drugs, Starvanip® focuses on metabolic traits presented solely in malignant tumors, acting as a metabolic inhibitor specific to the cancer cells while sparing the healthy cells. The effectiveness of the drug has been demonstrated in preclinical trials under cell and animal models. It is currently viewed as a new alternative to traditional anti-cancer treatment drugs, improving its limitations.



Haim Bio is currently under the process of phase 1 clinical trials in Yonsei Severance hospital to secure its stability and achieve preliminary validation by working with patients who failed conventional anti-cancer treatment. Haim Bio is also aiming for FDA phase 2 clinical trial filing by the end of this year through the fast track program in partnership with Axcelead, a Japanbased CRO company.


Haim Bio CEO, Hong Yeoul Kim stated, “Keeping our motto in mind; we exist to help those in need, we aim to bring novel cancer therapies to patients with a high unmet medical need that has yet to be provided with modern medicine. 


Starvanip® is the anti-cancer substance in-licensed from Korea’s National Cancer Center (NCC) and Yonsei Medical Center has been intensively proceeded for the indications of the variety of cancer.